Walking on Creativity: Floor Decals Artistry and Practicality

Floor Graphics

Do you want a unique way to advertise products in your store? Something that can add flair and creativity? Floor decals could be the solution for you.

They are an underutilized form of advertising. While people see advertising on the walls all the time, floor decals may provide the creative advantage you’re looking for. People also naturally look down while walking as well. With the artistic design of decals, people will be unable to resist looking.

When you work with an experienced team, it won’t take long to formulate a design suitable for your store or establishment. That is what Georgetown Signs brings to the table! We are an experienced team of sign makers that have helped many businesses attract customers. Put our experience to work for you and see how artistic your establishment can look.

For more information on floor decals and how to use them in your business, contact us.

What are Floor Decals?

Simply put, floor decals are custom vinyl floor stickers. They stick to your preferred surface with an industrial-strength adhesive. The powerful adhesive makes them blend seamlessly, becoming one with the floor.

Decals are comprised of three layers: a face (or protective layer), the printed graphics, and the adhesive layer. The protective laminate layer is strong enough to withstand the weight of a forklift without being damaged, making them suitable for industrial or commercial settings.

How Can Your Business Use Them?

Here are some clever ways your business can use custom floor decals and graphics:


Floor decals are perfect for wayfinding. Whether you use arrows or written instructions, they are located at people’s feet to point them where they want to go. Having a business that is easy to navigate creates a better experience for your business. If people remember their time fondly in your business, they are more likely to return.

Add an Artist Touch

You can use floor decals to promote your brand throughout your store or as a way to add an element of creativity. They are perfect inside toy stores or businesses that strive for an engaging image. 3D vinyl floor graphics are also a hit with children and get more attention than traditional 2D graphics because of their unique design.

Influence at the Point of Purchase

By using floor decals near your cashiers, you can influence impulse buys. It is a crucial place to advertise because people are already buying something, so nudging them to buy something else often works.

Attract Attention Outside

If you have a patio or a surface suitable for exterior floor decals outside your business, you can use them to attract customers. With an enticing message and corresponding directions, you can direct customers to the front of your shop. They are resistant to rain, and with proper installation and care, they are long-lasting, making them worth the investment.

Order Yours Today

If you are intrigued by this budget-friendly form of signage and think it will work for your business, call us today. We will get started on your floor decal project right away, so you will have your product in hand in no time!

Contact us to talk to a sign specialist and discover what quality signage and exceptional customer care feels like.

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