10 Truck Wrap Design Ideas You Can Bank On

Truck Wraps

A truck wrap is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness and reach a new audience that has never heard of your business. But, like with any form of advertising or signage, you need a design that will catch people’s attention. Although a vehicle wrap typically captivates pedestrians, an amazing design can put you over the top.

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Fantastic Truck Wrap Design Ideas You Can Use in Your Business

Here are 10 Ideas you can use in your vinyl truck wrap:

Minimalist and Clean

Keep people focused on the most important things you want them to know—like the name of your business, phone number, and slogan—and convey professionalism with a modern, clean look.

Bright Colors

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that bright colors get more attention than a drab, boring black-and-white design. Incorporate them in your design and watch how many heads you turn.

3D Graphics

3D graphics are fun and get more attention than 2D graphics, as long as they have a design that aligns with your product. Something like a claw, scratching the paint of your truck will surely grab the attention of other drivers on the road.

Food Fusion

If you own a food truck, you need to make your food look enticing, but you also want to add an element of fun. The competition is heavy; combine the ingredients of your food in a whimsical and appetizing way that showcases your cuisine at its finest and watch how people flock to your truck over the others.

Themed Wraps

A retro theme. A sci-fi theme. A cartoon theme. All of those sound great, right? Well, we can do it all! It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you choose a theme that aligns with the product or service you are selling, you will turn heads and get people interested in your business.

Use a Mascot

Depending on what type of service you are offering, a mascot could be just what you need. You can have your mascot on multiple locations: on the tailgate, the hood, the door, etc. You can even have them say something with a speech bubble.

Interactive Elements

Engage with your audience with QR codes and other scannable markers that will allow your customers access to videos, games, or any additional information you want them to know about your business.

Incorporate Your Truck into Your Design

How about having your truck’s headlights act as eyes or the grill as the mouth? This can add an element of humor; making people laugh will make them remember your truck wrap.

Product Showcase

If you have a product that can be showcased on your wrap, why not do it? Show people how your product works to invoke intrigue.

Landscape or Cityscapes

Landscapes make people feel peaceful and can be perfect if your business is in the travel or tourist industry. A cityscape can also be used in your design to make people in your city feel more connected with your business.

Showcase Your Business with Style!

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