5 Effective Ways to Use Floor Graphics to Promote Your Business

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a simple and cost-effective form of signage that can fit into virtually any budget. They are versatile and can serve many different purposes. They are easy to install and remove and are less common than wall graphics, so people notice them.

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Ways to Use Floor Graphics in Your Business

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate floor graphics into your establishment:


If there is anything more important in advertising than branding, we don’t know what it is. Branding is how you connect with your audience, and you can use custom floor graphics throughout the store to enforce your branding. It could be something like a mascot, pointing out sales, or a message about your business.


Floor graphics are perfect for wayfinding and directional arrows because they point people’s feet in the direction they need to go. You can point them to your sales or anywhere else people need to go in your business to create a customer-friendly experience that will have people returning to your store again.

Interactive Graphics

You can use floor graphics with interactive elements, such as QR Codes, or even create games with technology that users can access through their smartphones or tablets.

If that’s not for you, leave the technology out of it and keep it simple with fun things, such as quizzes or trivia. If you have trivia related to your product, it could pique interest. Games are especially effective if you are selling products to kids.

3D Floor Graphics

These are a sight to see. Children love them, teenagers love them, heck, everyone loves them. They are fun and are more eye-catching than regular graphics, and with a proper design, you can create a visually stunning effect with your 3D floor vinyl graphics. Remember to incorporate your branding in your design to create a message that sticks.

Floor Signs

Advertising and signage do not have to be overly fancy. Floor graphics make great floor signs that can provide safety warnings and other information people may need. You can use them in stores, warehouses, malls, arenas, etc.

Where Do I Install My Graphics?

This depends on the purpose of the graphic. If you are trying to promote a sale, then install them in high-traffic areas. If you are trying to influence impulse buys, install them at the point of purchase (in front of the cash register).

If you are trying to create a structured wayfinding system in your establishment that is convenient and customer-friendly, you need to place your graphics in spots where people will get lost. Point them towards the bathroom, or the exits: places they will need to go at some point. And how do you achieve this? By working with Georgetown Sign Company, your local full-service sign company. We can assess your business and do an on-site analysis to figure out the best places to install your signs.

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