Benefits of Wayfinding Signs and Directional Signs for Medical Facilities

Directional Signs

Directional signs improve a customer’s experience in any business. If things are easy to find, then it makes a pleasant overall experience. But in some facilities, a wayfinding signage system means more than creating a pleasant experience: it means keeping people safe. Directional signs are paramount in medical facilities because they help keep both patients and staff safe.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we have worked with many different businesses in a variety of industries, helping them create safe and productive environments for their employees and customers.

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Why Directional Signs Are Critical in Medical Facilities

Compared to a normal business, directional signs are more important because people’s health and safety are at risk. You need a well-organized wayfinding system to help with the following problems:

People Need to Know Where to Go in an Emergency

There is no building that needs a proper wayfinding system more than a medical building. Although this doesn’t apply to every medical facility, navigating around certain facilities can mean the difference between life and death for some people if they need emergency medical attention.

Any facility that provides emergency room-type procedures needs well-labeled directional signs for everybody’s safety.

Eliminates Confusion for Patients

Some patients will not only be stressed out, dealing with anxiety and other factors that make it hard for them to concentrate, but they may also be under the influence of drug therapies to help in their healing. Making your facility as easy as possible to navigate will solve a lot of problems and prevent embarrassing mishaps.

It Is One Less Thing Stressed-out Families Have to Worry About

Knowing a member of your family is receiving medical care is stressful enough. Don’t add to the stress by having a confusing wayfinding system. Make your facility as easy as possible to navigate and alleviate stress in the hallways.

Meeting Legal Compliance

Some signs are required by law. ADA signs, for example, need to be installed in every business that is open to the public, but they are especially important in medical facilities because many handicapped people need medical assistance. Make your facility an accommodating one that is compliant with the law by reading what regulations your ADA wayfinding signs have to follow and where you need to install them in your facility.

With Georgetown Sign Company, you can rest assured all your ADA signs with be installed properly and in accordance with the law.

Georgetown Sign Company: Your Directional Sign Provider in Texas

If you are looking for directional signs in Georgetown, Texas, come on down to Georgetown Sign Company. Whether you are in charge of a medical facility, or you are a small business owner, we can help with any type of signage you need.

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