The Difference Between Neon and LED Channel Letters

Channel letters

LED Channel letters make great storefront signs because they look strong and imposing, but they also look fun. Custom LED signs are a perfect option for a business that is trying to sell itself to a younger crowd or trying to promote itself as a place for a fun time. But what is the best way to light up your channel letters? Are you better off choosing LED channel letters or should you go retro and pick a custom neon sign in Austin?

Whether your business is in Austin, Georgetown, or any of the surrounding communities, Georgetown Sign Company is the name you need to remember. We proudly serve central Texas and beyond, and provide local businesses with signage solutions that attract customers and spread brand awareness.

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LED Channel Letters Vs Neon

Which is the better option for your business in Texas? These two different types of lighting systems will give your channel letters a different look. Some of the pros of LED lights are:

●       They Are More Energy Efficient

That’s right. One of the main reasons we encourage our clients to choose custom LED business signage over neon signs is because they are more energy efficient, saving you money and they are more environmentally friendly.

●       More Durable

Another positive is that LED signs are more durable. They are less likely to overheat and do not break as easily, and they do not contain neon or argon gas. People argue that this makes them safer than neon lights. This is something to consider, even though we still believe neon lights are relatively safe, as long as they are properly maintained.

●       Highly Customizable

LED lights can be customized with different lights and patterns. We offer 4 different types of channel letter signage: Front-lit letters, backlit letters (also called reverse channel letters, or halo-lit letters), front and back-lit letters, and open-face letters.

Which Should You Choose?

In the end, it is your business and your decision to make. Our honest assessment is that LED Channel letters are your best option because an increasing amount of businesses are opting to use LED lights over neon lights due to their long life span, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance needs.

That being said, no one knows your business better than you. It’s your call; do what you think is best.

No matter what you decided Georgetown Sign Company is here to offer you a free estimate and friendly advice when you decide to reach out to us.

Georgetown Sign Company: The Trusted Signage Providers in Texas

If you are a business owner in Texas interested in LED channel letters for your business, contact us at 1-512-686-4280 and book a consultation where we discuss whether this is the right type of signage for you.

Our goal is to stay transparent through our entire process to ensure all our customers leave satisfied and willing to do business again.

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