How to Choose the Right Channel Letter Sign for Your Business

Channel Letters

Channel letters are ideal as storefront signs because they are big, bold, and illuminated, but these fantastic signs are not limited to only storefronts. Some buildings use them as lobby signs, and some businesses use them indoors—for example, in malls and other major facilities. Custom channel letters are versatile, allowing our customers to use them for many different purposes.

But one thing that remains consistent with all our 3-dimensional signage products is they are durable and built to last a long time. As a channel letter sign manufacturer, we take pride in the resilience of our products and invite you to come and see for yourself the difference quality makes.

To book a consultation or to talk to a signage specialist, contact us, and we would be delighted to answer any questions you have.

Channel Letter Options

There are 4 main types of channel letters:

  • Standard front-lit letters
  • Reverse-lit (or halo-lit channel letters)
  • Front and back-lit letters
  • Open-face channel letters

How you choose to illuminate your letters is entirely up to you. Keep in mind what you are selling and what type of image you want to portray. For example, standard channel letters are probably best suited for a professional manufacturing company, while reverse-lit letters convey warmth and are inviting. These work excellently for a high-class restaurant or cafe with dim lighting inside because the letters match your ambiance.

Open-face channel letters scream excitement and could be perfect for a marquee, or an entertainment-based business. They have a retro look and feel that can complement your business if you have retro decor. Front and back-lit channel letters give you visibility from a distance, which could be beneficial if your business is on a busy street and you want the best chance of standing out.

Regardless of how you want your illuminated channel letters to represent your business, there are plenty of options, and we can work with you to ensure you pick the best one for your business.

Non-Illuminated Options

Some businesses opt for non-illuminated letters inside their business. These are called fabricated letters and could be an option if you do not run a late-night business or already have optimal lighting outside.

These are also great indoors as they make eye-catching lobby signs and can be used in your retail store to identify different departments, making your store more customer-friendly.

Accessories to Other Signage

Channel letters are so versatile that you can put them on top of other signage to create a visual experience people can’t ignore!

Imagine having letters on top of a monument sign, combining the prestige of traditional signage with a modern touch. Or, if you prefer, you can use them on a pylon sign to get exceptional visibility from miles away! The possibilities are endless when you choose to work with Georgetown Sign Company.

Georgetown Sign Company: The Name You Can Trust

As local business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of building strong relationships in the community. We put the name of our city in our titles proudly because we are from Georgetown and work for the people of Georgetown. We are a business for the people.

Contact us to talk to a signage expert and discover how we can help you skyrocket your business to success!

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