Top 6 Commercial Truck Wrap Ideas That Get Your Company Noticed

Truck wraps

Truck wraps are a fantastic way for any business to reach a wider audience. There is no better way to spread awareness about your business in neighboring communities. You also build rapport with locals because they will repeatedly see your commercial truck wrap, and you will remind them of your name, building trust over time.

But what kind of designs can you use to get your company noticed?

With Georgetown Sign Company working on your project, you can rest assured your final product will be unique and customized for your business. In a world of bland, boring signage, don’t be a copycat and do what everyone else is doing. Work with a company with experience helping businesses separate themselves from the competition.

To learn more about custom truck wraps and how you can use them to reach a new customer base, contact us, and book a consultation with a signage specialist.

Set Yourself Apart with a Custom Truck Wrap

Here are 6 ideas you can take to the bank and use in your truck wrap design:

3D Graphics

3D graphics build on signage that already stands out and takes your chances of getting attention to the next level. As long as the design is done properly by an experienced graphics designer, 3D graphics will make your advertising come to life!

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements on your truck wrap, like QR codes, connect your audience to your website. The longer they spend on your website, the more likely they will remember your business. They may even buy something on the spot.

Unique Themes

Depending on what type of business you operate, having a theme for your truck wrap could be a smart and easy way to make people build strong associations with your brand. For example, if you operate a children’s business, a cartoon-themed wrap will build rapport with your target audience.

Window Wraps

By using perforated graphics, you can have vehicle wraps and graphics that cover your window! This visual effect makes your vehicle wrap look complete and allows you privacy at the same time.

Abstract, Quirky Graphics

Think outside the box and try using offbeat visuals to get attention for your business. As long as you can make a connection with your graphics to your business that makes sense, people will remember your name.

Fleet Graphics

What’s better than having a single vehicle on the road advertising for you? An entire fleet of vehicles with your name on them! If you are serious about getting noticed on the road, advertising in high volume is a guaranteed way to make more impressions. As long as you have a fleet of vehicles on the road, why not make use of them and accomplish two things at once by turning your employees into ambassadors for your brand?

Vehicle Wraps, Signage, and Advertising Solutions

At Georgetown Sign Company, we are more than manufacturers of signs: we provide complete advertising solutions! Our job isn’t over once you get your signs; we want to partner with you to ensure you get the results you deserve!

If you want to change up your marketing campaign for the better, call us or message us to book a consultation and hear what we have to offer. We’re ready to get started on your vinyl truck wraps.

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