Tips For Getting the Best Custom Office Door Signs

custom office door signs for phone area by Georgetown sign comapny

Every office has one goal: to leave a lasting impression on visitors and clients so they feel comfortable working with a professional business. Custom Office door signs can help achieve this goal by creating signs that offer information and provide a consistent experience.  Custom signs are a great way to creatively highlight your brand while also offering wayfinding information to employees and visitors. Having trouble conceptualizing strong door signs? Here are a few tips to help reinforce a professional office environment with your office signage. 

Determine the Function of Your Door Signs :

Before you can design effective door signs, you need to step back and identify the purpose of your office door signs. All signs serve different functions, and most serve multiple functions at once. For example, the lobby door of your office needs to have a clear sign that conveys your brand while offering a litany of information to visitors. This is why lobby directory signs are widespread. However, a conference room sign must act as an informational sign that can reinforce branding. 

Utilizing Branding in All of Your Custom Office Door Signs 

One of the advantages of working with a sign company that can produce custom signs is that you can incorporate branding elements into all of your door signs. Consider integrating colors from your brand logo into your signs, and if possible, add your brand logo to every sign. This helps boost your brand and will increase brand recognition. 

Pick Materials Wisely 

All businesses have a budget for their signs, but the budget doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. There are dozens of materials that create a professional image that won’t break the bank. Metal door signs, for instance, are easy to obtain and create a modern and slick appearance for modern office spaces. 

Remain ADA-Compliant 

Office door signs are more than just a branding and directional element; they are also an excellent way to ensure you comply with current ADA regulations. This may mean double-checking your color contrasts and fonts for proper legibility. Adding braille is also essential. There are more guidelines than ever when it comes to accessibility, so working with a professional sign company can help ensure all of your creations are ADA-compliant. 

Create Legible Door Signs 

You want your signs to be more than just ADA-compliant. However, you must ensure that your office signs are legible and clear. Therefore, you want to keep fonts standardized and avoid the temptation to play with colorful fonts. Usually, print fonts are much better than script fonts. Keep in mind that fonts should be large enough to read from a distance comfortably. 

Work with a Dependable Office Door Signs Company 

The best way to ensure your signs are appropriate for your company is by working with a dependable office door signs company. The company you choose should have a design team willing to look at your brand and requirements and create a high-quality sign that fully meets current compliance standards. 

If you are searching for a full-service sign company that produces door signs, contact Georgetown Sign Company to learn more about your options.

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