Real-Time Brand Engagement With Trade Show Banners

Amazing Trade Show Banners in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Trade show banners and displays are foundational marketing elements that serve your business, remotely. In addition to capturing your company message and values, banners and displays can be engaging and serve as demonstrative tools of your industry expertise.

Whether looking to utilize trade show displays for a brief presentation or creating a multi-faceted booth at conferences, Georgetown Sign Company offers banners and displays, designed to target your ideal client, with thought-provoking engagement. Bright colors and active fonts are last decade’s focus; our generation looks to share cutting-edge business concepts within 30 seconds of eye contact.

Effective trade show booths and table sets-ups serve as a template of your business, and trade show banners are ideal in capturing attention, from a distance. There are many ways to design your perfect banner and display, and some options include:


These displays are considered a relatively lighter weight option in the trades show display market, and offer bold graphic design to bolster attention during events in high traffic show rooms. In addition, clip-on lights can be utilized to further display your corporate values and logos. These displays are offered in a variety of styles and include the following:

  • Hop up displays – These displays are affordable fabric trade show display option with collapsible frames and graphics designed out of polyester.
  • Xclaim pop up displays – The pyramid shape and framework of these displays make Xclaim pop ups some of the most unique among trade show banners. Their simple set-up and vivid capabilities makes this a popular option for a truly striking display.


Backlit displays awaken any trade show banner by illuminating your brand at all angles. Backlit displays offer tension-fabric graphics with LED lights for added visibility and vibrancy. This is an ideal banner for productions and artistic endeavors.


Multimedia trade show displays add a seemingly complex visual presentation to your products and services, simply. Rather than static boards and banners, multimedia displays feature iPad, satellite media displays, and many other multimedia kits to strengthen your reach when attending any trade show. These displays offer real-time demonstrations, activating your brand for in-person engagement.

When speaking of brand-value and speaking to this generation of consumers, multimedia displays encompass all elements of a perfect trade show display, strategically positioned to create a lasting impression.

Some multimedia options include:

  • Interactive games – Although presupposed as only for tech giants, interactive games can be catered to engage patrons through targeted themes that capture your brand’s core message, and can be quite fun!
  • Digital Kiosks –Digital kiosks offer some of the most innovative features that integrate your business into a self-serve information booth at any trade show or convention. There are many options available, and quickly bring your brand to the forefront of digital marketing.

Trade show banners and displays engage audiences and show clients exactly what you can do. With Georgetown Sign Company in Austin, we recognize the need to be at the front of brand marketing and value building. Our proven expertise means your displays will be custom designed to serve as remote marketing kits, with state-of-the-art fabrics and finishes to captivate spectators.

Contact us for your design work, today.

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