Use LED Signs To Light Up Your Business

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Getting your business to stand out in a crowded consumer landscape is easier when you use custom LED signs. These versatile signs look great inside and out and will get your business noticed any time of the day and night. LED signs are 80% more energy efficient than traditional neon signs and provide a higher-quality type of light. Fortunately, custom LED neon signs are now available, providing many of the same benefits of both types of light, plus more, in one package.

LED signs can provide several more benefits to your business. Read on to learn where your business can use these signs and reap the benefits of their unique styles and cost savings to light up your business.

Storefront and Window Signs

Storefront and window custom LED signs are highly effective at grabbing the attention of passersby—both pedestrians and drivers—and bringing new customers into your business. Customize your exterior business signs and create unique and eye-catching landmarks that allow everyone to recognize your brand instantly.

LED signs are easily visible on the inside of your business’s window, whether facing the street or directed inside. Having them visible to regular commuters and late-night traffic can help boost your future sales and grow your business to new heights.

Indoor Promotional Signs

Interior custom LED signs can help boost awareness of your brand and add intrigue and talking points to your indoor spaces. Customized, you can use these signs to promote specific in-store or online events, sales promotions, and new product launches. Share your business hours and promote safety and gratitude with personalized messages. Reinforce your business logo and add impressive decor to the inside of your professional space.

Interior Directions and Maps

Many larger buildings can be challenging to navigate once a customer or client steps inside. You can use LED board signs to provide easy-to-see maps for an office building or multi-storied retail store. Exit signs, loading dock signs, and seating signs in large sporting arenas are great uses of these easy-to-read signs.

Customers and clients alike will thank you for making their visit enjoyable. By sharing their positive experiences with their friends, they may even boost your sales. As LED signage requires little energy compared to traditional signage, it will save you money on your utility bills.

Lobby Signs

LED lobby signs will make a great first impression and provide clear directions and instructions for your visitors. High-quality, professional lobby signs can add an attractive and sophisticated design element to your hotel, retail center, hair salon, or conference building.

To find out where to get the best custom LED signs and LED neon signs in Georgetown, TX, Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas contact the experts at the Georgetown Sign Company today.

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