Want Your Store Entrance to Stand Out? Get Awning Signs for Business

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There is something about an awning sign that oozes class and sophistication. When you think about buildings that have awnings, you often think of posh hotels in New York City or Paris. Awnings show that the establishment has gone the extra mile to provide shelter to help protect their customers from the elements. An awning also serves to advertise the name of your hotel, store or business in a unique way that sets you apart from the competition.

How Can Awning Signs for Business Make Your Storefront Stand Out?

  1. Awning Signs are Unique

On a busy Austin street or in a retail plaza, business awnings stand apart in a sea of traditional signs. Not only are they a beautiful horizontal showpiece, they can be traditional or colorful and are a great way to advertise your company name and logo to people walking and driving by.

  • Awning Signs for Businesses Can Become Landmarks

Certainly, the awning at The Ritz Hotel in New York has become a familiar landmark. People will stay –meet me at The Ritz under the awning. These gorgeous material signs are still unusual enough to stand out as a landmark location.

  • Awnings Evoke an Element of Class While Drawing Attention to Your Store Entrance

Signs and awnings add a certain panache to your storefront or main entrance. They act like a giant hug, welcoming people to seek shelter from the storm under your awning or come inside for a look around. They attract attention to your store front and are as practical as they are beautiful. Awnings create the perception that this is a classy shop or business that has gone the extra mile to protect and welcome customers. What they see outside will certainly reflect what they can expect inside.

  • Awning Signs for Business Reflect Your Corporate Image 

Corporate colors can be used on an awning to enhance your company image and increase the awareness of your brand. A night club or shopping centre that offers an awning at their entrance attracts a certain clientele. There are many options available in term of shape, materials, colors, design, and illumination.

  • Awnings Visually Enhance Your Store Entrance and Décor

A plain (or even ugly) building that you would likely pass right by can suddenly become a showpiece with the addition of a beautiful awning sign in front of your business. It becomes the focus of your business and its distinguishing design will set you apart from your competition.

Trust the Sign and Awning Experts at Georgetown Sign Company

We take pride in turning ordinary into extraordinary as in the case of awning signs for your business. We will collaborate with you to find an awning that is right for your needs. Call us today for a free quote. 

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