Why Is It Important to Follow Color Contrast Rules for ADA Signs?

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While you have probably heard that the Americans with Disabilities Act has certain requirements for signs, you are probably not aware of all of the rules. It’s a common misconception that ADA signs just need to have braille. There are many ADA signage rules, including some that are pretty obscure. For example, ADA requires that signs have high contrast between the letters and background color of the sign. You might wonder why it is important to follow this rule and the more niche rules of the ADA.

It’s About More Than the Visually Impaired

The ADA hasn’t just designed rules so that the visually impaired, or blind, can navigate around buildings. They have taken people with many other conditions into account when designing their rules. The color contrast rule is for people who are colorblind or who have some level of visual impairment but are not blind. They may not be able to read signs with low contrast, especially if the sign is all in one color.

The great thing about the ADA is that you don’t need to personally understand everyone’s potential disabilities in order to create signs that will work for them. The ADA has done the work of figuring out what is best.

Make Sure That Everyone is Welcome on Your Property

Following unusual ADA rules will make sure that your business is accessible for everyone. There’s no need to cut off some people from your business; it’s not smart for your bottom line. Plus, you probably want your business to be seen as a pillar of the community and to have a positive impact on it. Making sure that it is accessible is a necessary step to achieve this.

Avoiding Fines and Other Penalties

Of course, failing to follow the ADA rules, even the color contrast rule, can land your company in serious hot water. The most common penalty is fines, and they only increase over time. However, you might also find yourself “penalized” by public opinion and reduced brand reputation if you are found to be violating the ADA’s rules.

Are You Following All of the ADA Signage Rules?

It’s challenging for a busy company to keep track of all of the ADA rules that they should be following. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable sign company that will keep track of them for you. Work with the Georgetown Sign Company if you’re in Austin. We can create custom ADA signs for you that will follow all of the rules. Contact us today.

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