How to Choose the Best Custom Wayfinding Signs?

Custom Wayfinding Signage For Business in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Custom wayfinding signs are important in any building to help people find their way. In complex offices, hotels, event venues, and retail stores, the quality of your wayfinding signs will impact your building in Austin, TX directly. Your customers need to be able to find what they are looking for and feel welcomed into a beautiful space. As they are so important, wayfinding sign design is a little more complicated than it sounds. Here are three major tips to help you choose the best directional signs.

Understand Your Building’s Challenges

The best wayfinding signs are personalized to your specific building’s challenges. There are different kinds of wayfinding signs that help solve different needs. For example, if you have multiple businesses in one spot, a lobby directory sign is a good tool. It will help people get a sense of where they are going right away. Or, if you have a large building with a handful of major points of interest, such as conference rooms, pools, or a visitors center, then you may want signs dedicated to guiding people to that space throughout the building.

Consider Branding and Aesthetics

Every kind of directional sign, from simple door signs to more complicated lobby signs, should be more than just practicality. They will have a big visual impact on your space, so it is important that they look good and help create the atmosphere that you need them to create. They also are a great opportunity to increase branding in your space and help promote your business to your customer.

Check the Sign Design for Clarity

Once you have added all of these elements, the sign may get a little cluttered or crowded. It is a good idea to look at the final sign design with clarity in mind. Is the overall message of the sign still clear? Or do you need to increase contrast, remove elements, or make the sign bigger? In the end, clarity is the most important sign. Although, it should not be challenging for a good designer to combine the practical and beautiful elements of a directional sign.

Get More Tips from the Georgetown Sign Company

We have a lot of experience with wayfinding sign design and can help turn any building into a convenient space that is simple to navigate while still being beautiful and on-brand. Contact us today if you’re in Austin, TX, to make your building a simpler space to navigate for your customers.

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