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Building signs are a time-honored way to create a noticeable and reputable presence for your business. Not to mention, they add a classy, sophisticated, and personalized touch to the appearance of your building. That’s why outdoor commercial building signs are a solid investment for companies in and around Austin.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we love helping local businesses in Austin make their mark in the city.

Keep reading to learn how you can start effectively using company signs for buildings you manage:

What types of Businesses Should Use a Commercial Building Sign?

These signs aren’t just for high-end retailers, government institutions, banks, law firms, and the big fortune 500 corporations. Every business, big or small, can find value in adding outdoor commercial building signs.

This is because they help show that a business is reputable and professional.

These are two important qualities all business owners wish to convey. As well as, strive to achieve in the products and services they offer. This makes them a great form of signage for all types of businesses and organizations.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we work closely with businesses to customize outdoor signs that allow businesses, of all sizes, to portray a professional and respectable image to the community they serve.

How can Company Signs for Buildings Help Draw Traffic to a Business?

Building signs are an important aspect to consider in your company’s branding and marketing efforts. This is due to the fact that commercial building signs are highly visible and function as an extension to the exterior of your building.

Therefore, you should consider tailoring their design in a way that allows people to easily recognize your business from far away and attracts them to visit.

All outdoor commercial building signs we offer are highly customizable to make sure they represent your brand in the manner you like.

What are some types of outdoor commercial building signs that are good for drawing traffic?

  • Channel Letter Signs – a popular commercial building sign format to catch people’s eyes. Use large letters, bold and vibrant colors, and rust-proof stainless steel or aluminum construction for optimal visibility.
  • Awning Signs – Usually built from vinyl or fabric, they offer high functionality and can include permanent graphics and lettering. They are an attractive addition to a storefront, hotel, or restaurant.

    Plus, they give shelter to people from the sunshine and rain. An awning is a fantastic way to stand out in a busy street and attract people to your doors.
  • Post and Panel Signs – These are a great choice to use because of their height. In Austin, most areas permit a height for a directional sign or freestanding sign to be up to 4 feet or 8 feet tall. Which, is big enough for a sign to make an impact and garner people’s attention.

    Consider adding a post or panel sign as a permanent structure outside your business to build a stronger presence in the community. They are great for schools, civic offices, and parks.

    You can use them to display messages and notices to people passing by. As well as, promote events, attractions, or sales.

They are many types of commercial building signs that can help your business. Let us know what you’re looking for – we’ll build the right solution to meet your needs!

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