How Awnings and Signs Use Sunshine to Your Advantage

Perfect Awning Signage For Restaurant in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

When the sun’s out, you can bet it’s a great time for business! People are out and about – and as a savvy business owner that means, it’s your time to shine! Custom awning signs for business are a great way to attract as many people on the lively streets of Austin, TX into your door as you can.

How Can Awning Signs for Business Help Me Get Noticed?

Given that an awning sign is a large and distinct structure protruding out from the exterior of your business, they make your location recognizable – even on the busiest of streets!

By using the right materials and design, your business can enhance this effect in the bright sun. At Georgetown Sign Company, we manufacture signs and awnings with fine detail, so they catch both the glimmer of the sunshine and people’s attention!

In the same way a visually-stimulating banner sign draws attention, a custom awning sign makes your business stand out from your neighbors. They’re easy to spot even from a distance.

Not to mention, awning signs for business are a seriously versatile piece of signage. The best way for you to think of them is as a large 3D canvas perched prominently on the exterior of your building proudly advertising your business. They offer similar advantages to a billboard without any of the rental fees. On top of this, they’re more personalized and functional. They are yours to keep and make available for everyone too see for as long as you like!

Why Are Signs and Awnings Great for Businesses in the Summer?

Whether enjoying a cold beverage on the patio or a leisurely stroll in the city – when the sun’s out, you can be sure to find us Texans soaking up the rays.

What does that mean for business owners?

If you own a restaurant, bar, cafe, supermarket, or other type of store, an awning sign for business is a must-have. It’s how you can start getting in on all the action by making your business more appealing to people by providing convenient shade from the hot sun.

An awning gives you more versatility and flexibility in how you operate your business when the weather’s nice out.

For instance, you get to attract more customers by moving your wares outside and under the inviting shelter of an awning. Getting an awning installed for your business allows you to meet your customers where they are and want to be when the weather’s warm: outdoors!

Another little known benefit when using awning signs for businesses are the savings they can provide in energy costs. A study conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers found that businesses that install awning signs could potentially have a 25% savings in their energy bills.

An awning sign lets the sun shine brightly through your windows. While, reducing your expenses. This gives a great return on investment.

Clearly, a custom awning sign will deliver significant benefits for your business.

How Would an Awning for Business Help When It’s Raining?

Want to know the best part about installing an awning?

You can protect your customers from rain, hail, sleet, or snow – at Georgetown Sign Company, we engineer durable and functional awning signs that offer shelter and security in all weather conditions.

Whether it’s providing shade from the hot sun or cover to hide from a storm, people appreciate when a business has an awning. They add a nice touch to the look of your business and are convenient for your guests.

Here at Georgetown Sign Company, we craft awning signs to the best standard. We take pride in caring for our customers and helping businesses succeed.

If you’re in need of an awning sign to make your Austin business look and feel its best in all weather conditions and seasons, feel free to reach out! We look forward to working with you!

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