Top 6 Ideas for Your Business Signage:

Enviolo Business Signs Made by Georgetown Sign Company in Austin, TX

Environmental design is essential for any brick-and-mortar business, which is why you need to plan your business signage carefully. Crafting cohesive and brand-building business signs is not difficult, but it is a task that requires attention to detail and strong graphic design.  Proper signage helps build your credibility and reinforces your branding. Before you start posting signs everywhere, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

1. Visibility Matters :

If your clients can’t read your business signage, you are wasting your money and their time. Ideally, people will only spend three to five seconds reading a sign. Thus, your message needs to be concise if you want them to read, digest, and file it away in their minds.

Make sure your letters are sized appropriately, and your message is clear. Consider using bold colors or LED lighting signs to really make an outdoor commercial business sign dynamic and hard to look away from. 

2. Clear Clutter :

Before hanging any business signage, you want to ensure that the area is clear of clutter or debris. Investing in an outdoor sign is hardly worth it if a large tree or blooming bushes are going to obscure the public’s view of it. Indoor signs also need to be placed in areas where light fixtures, electrical cables, or furniture won’t block them. 

3. Are Your Business Signs Legible?

Professional business signs need to be clear and easy to read from a great distance. This involves learning to manage white space or working with a professional sign company that does. Typically outdoor signage needs to be large so that fast-moving traffic can see it from a distance. Generally, for every ten feet, you should have at least one foot of lettering. 

4. Scaling Designs :

This leads to the next issue, which is figuring out how to scale your signage. A business sign that is hung over your parking lot entrance will require a larger scale than a reception lobby sign. The larger the sign, the simpler it should be, and the simpler the design should be because it is easier to spot imperfections as the scale increases. 

5. Consistency in Design :

Many companies think business signage can vary based on location, but you will get the most marketing and brand boost by remaining consistent. Choose the same color scheme and overall design theme to create a consistent branding message with your business signs. 

6. Choose Font & Color Carefully :

Some studies suggest that up to 80% of all brand recognition is accomplished with color, which means you need to choose yours carefully. Vibrant colors that contrast and stand out are most likely to get attention. At the same time, you must choose a clear font that conveys your business personality to use consistently on all business signage.

Working with a top sign company can help make the process of creating business signs easier. Georgetown Sign Company is the top sign company in the region. Contact us today to learn more. 

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